Republic of Congo
Republic of Congo
4 - Noël Guy Mesmin Ndinga
Player Profile
Image of Noël Guy Mesmin NDINGA
Noël Guy Mesmin NDINGA (CGO)
DOB: 25 Dec.1981
Place of birth: Mindouli (CGO)
Current club:  (CGO)
Main Statistics
Points per Game 3.3
Rebounds per Game 4
Assists per Game 0.7
Participation in FIBA Competition
Competition PPG RPG APG
2012 FIBA Africa Champions Cup for Men n/a n/a n/a
2012 FIBA Africa Champions Cup for Men: Qualifying Round n/a n/a n/a
2009 FIBA Africa Championship for Men: Final Round 3.3 4 0.7
Total average per Event: 3.3 4 0.7
Live Statistics
Local Time:   (GMT +2)
Team Detail
Live Statistics
5 Aug. 2009 vs Senegal 68-95
6 Aug. 2009 vs Cameroon 56-70
7 Aug. 2009 vs CAF 61-113
9 Aug. 2009 vs Cape Verde 63-100
10 Aug. 2009 vs South Africa 65-81
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