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BENGHAZI (Afrobasket 2009) - In a brief interview after his team conquer hard fighting South Africa head coach of Libya national team to the 25th FIBA Africa Championship for Men gave a hint of what to expect from the Libyan team in the days ahead.

The United States of America-born basketball tactician, Kevin Nickelberry told www.libya2009.fiba.com that it’s important to access his team chances with every passing game.

FIBA Africa: How would you access the performance of your players against the South Africa?

Coach Nickelberry: We got off slowly in the game and that makes the South Africans to grow in confidence which saw them winning the first quarter, but end of first quarter talk with the players that they can do it did the magic for us but I still believe that we are yet to have full cohesion as a team but I am confident we will be get better with every game in the

How would view your team chances against Cote d’Ivoire who will be searching for a win after losing its opening group game to Nigeria?

Coach Nickelberry: Whao! That match will be played with great caution because the Cote d’Ivoire has more depth than most teams I’ve seen so far and they have a mixture of young, energetic and experience players in their fold so I will instruct my players to go all out against them so that our place in the second round can be guaranteed early.

There are three 2010 World Championship available to Africa, what’s your team chances of picking one of the tickets?

Coach Nickelberry: As a policy I don’t count my chicken before they are hatched so we will approach every game as they come, our motto is everyday living and we see what happens after the first and second round then we can start to think of a 2010 World Championship.

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